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GoWed is a specialty online wedding directory catering exclusively for Aussie couples planning their wedding. These brides and grooms are actively looking for experienced and trustworthy local wedding suppliers to book, which means a constant source of new leads for your business.

You’ll benefit from the consistent new traffic to the GoWed site as it exposes your business to hundreds of local couples currently planning their weddings, searching for your exact service or product offerings! If they want more details on something you offer, they fill out a form and we simply pass these warm leads on to you, as you’ll know how to best turn them into paying customers.

And to make it even better for you, we’ve created a revolutionary new ‘Calendar Availability’ feature—an industry first—where you set when you’re available to work, saving you from paying for leads when you’re unavailable! So, not only does this save you time and money, it creates red-hot, genuine, high-quality leads because they’ve specifically chosen you during the dates you’re free!

With no hidden charges, no membership costs, and no sign-up fees, there’s every reason to join GoWed today. And unlike other directory sites, you won’t be forced into confusing credit systems where you have to pay upfront without any guarantee of a lead… with GoWed, you only pay when you get a real lead from a real person!

You see, with our simple pay per lead system, there’s absolutely no risk in having your business showcased on GoWed and in front of new potential clients. Read on to learn more about our fees and why couples are flocking to GoWed for their wedding planning needs, or click here to view our FAQ.

“It doesn’t require any extra effort!”

Once you’re on GoWed, you instantly begin appearing in our search results. There’s absolutely no extra effort required before you can start receiving new
leads from excited couples looking at planning their big day!

GoWed Is The Wedding Hub That
Couples Are Going To!

As one of Australia’s fastest growing online wedding directories, an increasing number of “soon-to-wed” couples are planning their weddings through GoWed.

Remember, our comprehensive online marketing campaigns are constantly driving targeted traffic to the directory site.

Featuring a range of the most popular wedding supplier categories, wedding planning becomes as simple as selecting a category – refining that by “location” – & then contacting the chosen supplier – that’s YOU!

This easy-to-use platform is a major reason why people choose GoWed over any other “directory options’ – we’ve made it much easier for warm prospects to contact you!

Don’t Miss Being Part Of This Sensational Online
Wedding Directory

The earlier you join, the faster you’ll be able to receive new leads from “soon-to-wed couples”.Here’s how it works:

  • Once You Register, You’re Automatically Featured – It’s That Simple!
  • We Send Targeted Traffic To the Site
  • You Pay Just $25 Per Lead That You Receive

There’s NO lock-in contracts, NO monthly subscription fees, NO credit systems (where you pre-pay for leads via “credits”) & NO upfront payments.

Oh – & wait for this!

We’ve also protected you from the frustration of paying for a warm lead, only to find out that your “service” is already booked for their chosen date.

We KNOW this is a headache, as you only want “leads that can convert” – so we’ve introduced a clever “Calendar Feature”, allowing you to showcase YOUR “available dates!”

This means that any “soon-to-wed” prospective client will check YOUR availability before making contact with you.

Hence your $25 investment in the “lead” should be incredible “value for money” – as each enquirer should be a VERY WARM PROSPECT!

We Do All The Hard Work For You!

  • * We’ll be investing heavily in Google Adwords & social media – effectively driving “warm traffic” to our site.
  • So sit back & let US do the heavy lifting for you!
  • We’ll be creating NEW, CONSISTENT traffic for your benefit.
  • * Our $25 “flat fee” per lead when you receive them is well below the .5% of the current “market average lead cost” suppliers pay for weddings in Australia.
  • * And remember – THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO RISK for you.
  • You can be featured on the site for FREE – & you only pay the small flat fee when you receive a “lead”.
  • Compare this “lead-generating” marketing opportunity to the advertising you might be currently investing in – & we bet you’ll see a HUGE difference!


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